• A bunch of cool pictures from the Atlantic via Global Guerrillas
    I’ve been out of the country otherwise I would have posted sooner.  This is really pretty awesome stuff.  While these systems are not technically “Open Source” they certainly fit with the spirit of disruptive/free technology being used in warfare.  Not only does this underscore the general trends of super-empowerment via technology, it also brings up interesting questions about what Americans would consider Second Amendment rights.  Here we have a group of people using these technologies to liberate themselves from an oppressive government.  If that isn’t a modern version of the events that caused Jefferson & Co. to include the Second Amendment I don’t know what is.  I particularly like the UGV with a machine gun mounted on it.  While the U.S. has similar robots (iRobot’s Talon) I don’t think any of them have been used in combat.  I would love to find out if it was used.  If it was, it might be the first time a UGV has been used in combat.  Overall this is really exciting and inspiring stuff.

    If anyone in Libya comes across this post and knows some of the folks involved I would love to chat with them via email and write a detailed post.  I’m particularly interested in the design process and the effectiveness of these platforms (lessons learned, most important design aspects, tools that would have helped the process, etc.).

  • The folks over at InventGeek just released the plans and tutorial videos for making a paintball turret with pan (I think) and tilt. I really like these sorts of projects. They deal with a lot of the problems one would deal with when making a real gun turret…plus they are just fun to watch.

    Via Hackaday

  • This is kind of a goofy video at first glance but when you think about it it is pretty cool.  This guy rigged up his Easystar based UAV with a FPV camera and some model rockets and fireworks.  It looks like great fun, flying around and shooting rockets but scale this up a little bit and you could really do some damage.

  • I guess it was only a matter of time.  This outfit is now selling plans for wifi enabled remotely operated gun turret.  I’ll be really interested to see what sort of legal issues they run into.  Because they are only sellign plans they are probably protected to some degree but the sellign of those plans might pose a problem.  Openwarfare.org could run into very similer issuse so they may be a valuable test case for us.

  • Here is a pretty cool project. It’s the first DIY rail gun I have seen that actually puts out some power. Do not confuse it with a coil gun.

    Make a poweful (green) railgun!More DIY How To Projects

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    I hope everyone had a good Christmas.  I spent some time practicing pistol and rifle marksmanship.  While I was at the range a nice fellow let me shoot his black powder rifle which was really fun (and interesting).  I was surprised at how accurate his rifle was.  He put a reduced charge in it since it was my first time.  At 100 yards it was dead on.  I may have to get one.  Anyway I have a few neat posts in the pipe but I saw this one today and couldn’t resist.

    Build A Net GunMore DIY How To Projects


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    I just found this forum whil searching for info on caseless ammunition.  Pretty fun group of people and a lot of interesting stuff.


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  • The folks over at DefenseTech are reporting that the military might finally be taking steps to replace the M4.  For those of you who don’t know, the M4 has several failings that the military has been ignoring for whatever reason.

    1) The weapon ports hot gas directly into the breech to work the action.  This makes it pron to jamming and other malfunctions as well as increasing metal fatigue.

    2) The high velocity 5.56 round is not a heavy hitter.  There have been consistent reports of people being shot multiple times and not going down.

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